Research Area

Socioeconomic effects evaluation of fisheries, aquaculture and related activities

  • Economic analysis and measures evaluation of fisheries management
  • Observatory of prices and price transmission and monitoring of seafood: stakeholders and commercial networks
  • Reports on Maritime and Fishery Policy in the European Union
  • Welfare benefits estimation of maritime and fishery heritage conservation

Consumer food preferences estimation

  • Traceability
  • Ecolabeled products
  • Environmental quality estimation in the seafood demand
  • Food agricultural with PGI

Economic valuation of natural areas

  • Natura 2000 Network
  • Timber uses and nonmarket values
  • Institutions and Public Policy analysis in natural resource management

Environmental impacts assessment

  • Global warming effects on fisheries and natural areas
  • Environmental indicators evaluation of economic activities
  • Oil spills effects
  • Externalities of Renewable Sources of Energy

Recreational and leisure Tourism activities

  • Tourism resources evaluation
  • Natural heritage assets
  • Tourism impact on local development
  • Sustainable planning criteria for shoreline