A simplified index of our research areas is the following

Fisheries and aquaculture. Socioeconomic impacts. Consumer food preferences. Market power. Environmental indicators. Environmental and marine pollution. Maritime heritage. Environment. Climate change. Tourism. Natural areas. Natural resources.

Since its origin, the research group erenea has done more than 30 research projects obtained in public competition, and more than 40 contracts to do research and write reports to public and private institutions. Among the financing bodies, there are different Ministries of the Spanis and  Autonomous Governments and institutions of the European Union, and also CETMAR, Fundación Caixa – Galicia ( private foundation of research), Instituto Galego de Estatística (Autonomous Government Statistical Office), Social and Economic Council, and fisheries’ associations, municipal governments and private companies. This research work has resulted in approximately 200 journal papers (with external referees) and 200 participations in books.